Perfect Protein Ladder

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CHIMERx's broad range (10-200 kDA) Perfect Protein DNA Ladder, supplied in ready-to-load buffer

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Price From: $120.00



  • Ideal for sizing proteins on acrylamide gels under denaturing conditions.
  • Consists of 11 bands with fragments of the following sizes: 10, 15, 23, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 kDA.
  • For easy reference, the protein bands at 25 and 75 kDA are three times (3X) as intense as any other bands in the ladder.
  • Supplied in ready-to-load buffer containing tracking dyes.

Effective Size Range

10 to 200 kDA


For Coomasie Brilliant Blue R-250™ stained gels, the recommended amount of size marker to load on a gel is 5.0 µl per lane.
For Siver stained gels, dilute protein ladder 1:15 in 1X loading buffer and load 5 µl per lane. 

Storage Conditions

Store at 4ºC Short Term
Store Long Term at -20°C
Notes: Product contains SDS, which may precipitate during storage.
Mix well after thawing.
If necessary, warm protein ladder at 37ºC until product clarifies.


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