PCR / DNA Clean-Up Purification Kit

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Kit designed for the purification of PCR products / DNA after enzymatic reactions

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PCR / DNA Clean-up Purification Kit Description

CHIMERx's PCR / DNA Clean-Up Purification Kit is designed to isolate DNA fragments, which were subjected to or obtained as a result of various modifications and reactions: PCR products, restriction digests, after kinasing, dephosphorylation, end-trimming/repair, ligation, enzymatic or chemical modification, among others. Fragment of sizes from approximately 100 bp to over 15 kb can be obtained in ultrapure form. Effectively removed are contaminants such as: ethidum bromide, primers (below 40 nt), short double-stranded DNA (below 20 bp), RNA, Taq DNA Polymerase, Pfu DNA Polymerase, endo- and exonucleases, DNA-binding and modifying proteins, BSA and other enzymes/proteins, lipids, endotoxins, dyes, detergents, nucleotides, radio- and chemical labels, EDTA, problematic restriction and ligation inhibitors, buffers and salts. The resin is especially optimized toward binding DNA molecules over the very wide range of sizes: from 100 bp to over 15 kb as well as toward removal of problematic inhibitors of restriction and ligation of DNA. Colored binding buffer is very helpful in simultaneous processing of multiple samples. DNA is then eluted in low salt buffer, e.g.: Tris-HCl, TE or water. Isolated DNA is ready for downstream applications without the need for ethanol precipitation.

DNA Range Size

100 bp - 15 Kb

Regulatory Statement

For laboratory research use only. Not for use on animals or humans.

Storage Conditions

Store at 4°C
Shipped at room temperature 


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