Universal RNA Purification Kit

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Universal kit designed for isolation and rapid purification of total RNA

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Price From: $90.00


Universal RNA Purification Kit Description

CHIMERx's Universal RNA Purification Kit is designed for rapid purification of total RNA from variety of sources: animal, plant, fungi tissues, cell cultures, bacteria and yeast, among others. Purified RNA is free of contaminants, such as: DNA, proteins, lipids, dyes, detergents, organic inhibitors of enzymatic reactions, buffers, salts, divalent cations, among others. Samples are first lysed in the presence of denaturing buffer, which inactivates cellular RNAses. In the next stage, homogenization-spin columns shear genomic DNA, erducing viscosity of the lysate and eliminating DNA fragments. Then sample is applied to a binding-spin-column where all RNA molecules are adsorbed to the matrix and contaminants are efficiently washed away. High-quality RNA is then eluted in RNase-free water. Typical yields are up to 100 µg total RNA longer than 200 bases. However, it is possible to purify RNA molecules smaller than 200 bases, with gradually decreasing efficiency. Isolated RNA is ready for downstream applications without the need for ethanol precipitation.

DNA Range Size

> 200 bp

Regulatory Statement

For laboratory research use only. Not for use on animals or humans.

Storage Conditions

Store at 4°C
Shipped at room temperature 


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