SV40 DNA Replication Assay Kit

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Exclusively from CHIMERx, complements our SV40 Large T Antigen

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Simian virus (SV40) DNA Replication Assay Kit is the best model for mammalian chromosomal DNA replication in vitro (1)
Addition of SV40 Large T Antigen initiates replication in the presence of host proteins (2)


  • examining the fidelity and biochemistry of DNA replication in humans (3,4)
  • identifying mode of action and mechanisms leading to cell transformation in vitro and tumor formation in vivo (5)
  • regulating gene expression in eukaryotic cells (2)
  • studying the inhibition of DNA replication by mutagenesis (6,7)
  • determining the risks posed by human carcinogens
  • comparing replication of normal and malignant cells
  • investigating the cytotoxic effects of drugs (8)
  • investigating apoptosis

Kit contains: HeLa cell extract, plasmids pUC-HSO and pUC-8-4, reaction buffers, creatine phosphokinase, 20x dNTPs/NTPs, phosphocreatine, yeast RNA coprecipitant
Simply add SV40 Large T Antigen and you have a complete system for in vitro modeling of chromosomal DNA replication


SV40 Large T Antigen sold separately

Quality Control

All preparations are assayed for stimulation of DNA synthesis in a T antigen-dependent DNA replication assay (2)
Typical preparations are greater than 90% pure as judged by SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Storage Conditions

Store at -80°C
Shipped on Dry Ice




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