Technical References

For Restriction Endonucleases-


Restriction Enzyme Buffer Compatibility Chart (PDF-94KB)
Buffer Compatibility Chart

Heat Inactivation Chart for Restriction Endonucleases (PDF-78KB)
Heat Inactivation Chart referencing incubation time, temperature, and optimal reaction temperatures.

Recommended Reaction Conditions for Restriction Endonucleases (PDF-90KB)
Recommended Reaction Conditions for CHIMERx restriction endonucleases.

Recognition Sequences for Restriction Endonucleases (PDF-90KB)
Recongnition Sequences for CHIMERx restriction endonucleases. 

DNA Ladders and Size Standards

Achieve unparalleled clarity and accuracy with CHIMERx's line of Perfect and Perfect Plus DNA Precision Ladders and Geneflo™ Size Standards. We offer a wide range of DNA ladders and size standards ranging from 35 bp to 10 Kb. Our 100 bp and 1 Kb DNA Ladders are available in both Perfect and Perfect Plus ready-to-use formats. Both consist of clearly defined bands supplied in ready-to-load buffers containing two tracking dyes to better track gel migration, with our Perfect Plus DNA ladders containing additional bands for improved performance.

Highly accurate tools for analysis of double-stranded DNA and protein fragments at exceptional value.