Terms and Conditions


For orders via phone, fax, or email:
Net 30 Days in US Dollars.
Prepayment is required for all international orders. 
An additional charge of 30.00 USD will be applied to international order for transfer fees.


All Chimerx products are produced and distributed solely for use in laboratory research and, in some instances, for use in manufacturing, in vitro and investigational studies. In no instance is any Chimerx product offered for food, drug, or clinical use on humans. Since our products are intended solely for research purposes by qualified persons, the EPA does not require Chimerx to supply Pre-manufacturing Notice.


All products sold or otherwise supplied by Chimerx meet all specifications certified by the Certificate of Analysis which accompanies each product. Chimerx will replace, free of charge, any such product which does not conform to those specifications. Any claim for such replacement must be made either orally by telephone or in writing no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the product. Chimerx makes no assertion or warranty as to the fitness of any product for any particular use. No license or patent rights are granted by Chimerx. Chimerx does not assert or warrant that any product sold or otherwise supplied by it to any purchaser of prospective user, or thereafter used by any such customer or user in any manner for any purpose, research or otherwise, is or shall be free of any claim by any third party for patent infringement or the like. Purchasers and users shall hold Chimerx harmless against any claim resulting from the use of product sold or otherwise supplied by it. By purchasing any product from Chimerx, the purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the sole remedy of any claim by or for it is free replacement of any product deemed not to conform to its stated specification.

Exclusive Terms of Sale

Chimerx does not agree to and is not bound by any any other terms or conditions, unless those terms and conditions have been expressly agreed to in writing by a duly authorized officer of Chimerx. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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